Rooftop Solar Power Plant India - Vasai, Mumbai


Installed Capacity (kW)


Number Of Panels


VoltLogic Hybrid Inverter (kW)
Customer Type - Industrial
Location - Vasai, Mumbai
System Type - Grid Connected


Return On Investment (Years)


Financial Savings Per Year (INR)


Potential Tax Benefits - First Year (INR)

Rooftop Solar Power Plant India - Vasai, Mumbai (Introduction)

STELMEC's rooftop solar power plant India is a prime example of a quality solar system.

As the awareness for renewable energy sources increase, industries across India are picking up the solar banner. The Solar Man India is at the forefront of installation of rooftop solar power plants in India.

STELMEC has been a name synonymous with Electrical Power Products in India and has been a trusted partner to various State Owned Power Utilities as well as Private Power Utilities in India. This project was carried out to showcase STELMEC's commitment to renewable energy and will meet a significant percentage of their daily energy demand.

This rooftop solar power plant is a 5.4 kWp solar system consisting of 18 × 300 Wp panels and 5 kW Hybrid VoltlLogic inverter.


Installation of Supporting Structure

The installation started out at about 11:00 am on one for the hostest days recorded in Mumbai in the month of March. The team had already installed the non-penetrating concrete ballasts two days prior to the build. These were specifically designed to withstand high wind speeds and avoid drilling/water penetration risks.

Installation of the structures started with our Technical Advisor from Australia - Peter Domaschenz leading the team from the front. The structures were set up after the appropriate dimensions were marked out.

The support structures were then checked for squareness, parallelism and perpendicularity, before being signed off by Peter for the installation of the Solar Panels.

Installation Of Rooftop Solar Panels

The rooftop solar panels were then installed. Each solar panel was placed an laid out with utmost care, making sure that the surface was protected at all times.

All of the 18 rooftop solar panels were lined up with each other making sure that they were square. Final adjustments were then made and the panels were then bolted into place, one after the other.


Project Completion

The completion of this rooftop solar power plant India was done in under six man-hours. All the components of this solar pv system were customised according to the customers specifications. The entire turnkey solar EPC solution was carried out and executed under one roof, with installation and commissioning at the client's site.

The impact of this rooftop solar power plant is - a total annual reduction of 1,12,000 INR in the clients electricity bill (not mentioning the potential Income Tax benefits via 40% accelerated depreciation on the project). The Return on investment being a mere 3 years, after which solar energy generation will be practically free fro the life-cycle of the product. The Solar Man India intends on designing, installing and commissioning several such rooftop solar power plant in India.