Expand support for solar energy

Expand support for solar energy

Electricity demand is rising about 2 percent each year. New energy sources will be required.

In 2017 solar energy generation expanded throughout the world by more than all other electricity sources combined. Puzzling that some Iowa legislators propose reducing support for solar, especially given the following benefits:

1. A safe and steadily increasing return on investment because of steadily rising electric energy costs, coupled with a locked-in low cost for future electric energy.

2. Lower electric prices for everyone, coupled with greater local control, by postponing or eliminating the need for utilities to build large generation plants. Solar complements wind because it peaks during hot summer days when electric demand is strongest and wind production is weakest.

3. A more durable electric supply, especially if in-garage or community storage is added. Even with bad weather or bad actors; the lights stay on as power is drawn ‘from the edges’ of the grid. And locally produced energy reduces transmission costs for utilities.

4. More Iowa jobs; cleaner air. An Iowa attractive to energetic discerning young people.

5. Less controversy than even with wind. Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Encourage your legislators to expand support for energy efficiency and solar.

Dale Olson

Cedar Falls