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The Solar Man is an international company with offices in Australia, UK, Singapore and India.

The company was founded by Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd - (RESA); a provider of clean energy solutions to industries and communities around the world. RESA is a multi award winning company and Australian technology finalist for its unique technologies in the renewable energy sector.

  • Australian Technology Competition
    • 2012 Finalist (Eco Whisper)
    • 2015 Semi Finalist (VoltLogic)
  • Queensland Premier Award Sustainability
    • 2012 Winner (Eco Whisper)
    • 2015 Finalist (VoltLogic)

RESA have received 13 grants from the Australian Federal Government for continued innovations in the research and development sector over the past 8 years. That includes 3 Accelerating Commercialisation grants, 2 Export Development grants, and 1 Business Development grant.

In January 2016, RESA acquired Solar Panels & Hot Water aka 'The Solar Man' to bring its engineering and technical expertise in the renewable energy sector to the public.

Since the 2016 acquisition The Solar Man has installed approximately 1000 solar systems, which adds up to a whopping 5MW of clean energy.

Our people possess credentials in sustainable development and environmental benchmarks, and are dedicated to educating communities and investing in projects towards a greener future. For remote or isolated communities, we provide collaborative solutions that offer a level of financial ownership and ensure local employment. For organisations or specific industries, we provide innovative strategies to meet renewable energy targets and deliver operational efficiencies.

We are committed to supporting Australia's renewable energy target of 20 percent by 2020, as well as setting up a network in India to achieve Prime Minister Narendra Modi's target to install 100 GW of solar by 2022.

We are also working to assist developing nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Kyoto protocol and the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Solar Man and RESA are independently audited by PKF Australia

5kw Residential Rooftop Solar Systems Ratnagiri

The project was on the rooftop of an individual bungalow in rantnagiri. 16 Qty of Vikaram Solar Panels were used with delta inverters. Installation was done as per AS4777 & AS5033 standards. The panels were mounted on structures which were attached to the heavy iron rods.16 panels of 320wp, 150*4 battery, 5kw


99 Kw Rooftop Solar System Brisbane

In November we installed a huge solar system on the roof of the Brisbane East Leagues Club. The club uses a lot of energy, they are open morning till late and they run a café, restaurant, function center and mini casino. To help with their energy independence and their growing electricity bills 

6 Kw Rooftop Solar System Vasai | The Solar Man

STELMEC’s rooftop solar power plant India is a prime example of a quality solar system.

As the awareness for renewable energy sources increase, industries across India are picking up the solar banner. The Solar Man India is at the forefront of installation of rooftop solar power plants in India.


4 Kw Residential Rooftop Solar Systems Borivali

The project was on the rooftop of an individual bungalow in Mumbai. Vikaram Solar Panels were used with delta inverters. Installation was done as per AS4777 & AS5033 standards. The panels were mounted on structures which were attached to the concrete blocks.The project was Net Metered with Reliance Infra, which is the utility provider for the Bungalow. 

10 Kw Rooftop Solar System Parel | The Solar Man

The project was done on a rooftop of a commercial complex in parel. The panels were attached on the roof, with two strings. The project was installed according to AS4777 & AS5033 standards. The system was net metered with BEST, which is the utility provided. 


5 Kw Rooftop Solar System Bengaluru | The Solar Man

The panels were attached with the pitched metal roof in two strings and were south facing. The single phase Fronius inverter was connected to the grid and was net metered with BESCOM, the utility in Bengaluru.

9 Kw Rooftop Solar System Nagpur | The Solar Man

The panels were mounted on structures on a flat RCC roof and were south facing. The panels were grouped into 4 strings as 2 five kWp systems. 2 five kWp inverters were connected and cables running 7 floors deep on the AC side. AS4777 & AS5033 standards were followed during the install. The project has been net metered with SNDL, the utility company in Nagpur.


5 Kw Rooftop Solar System IDEMI Chunabhatti

The system was installed as part of the Indian School of Solar (ISOS), which is an initiative started by The Solar Man India. Panels were mounted in a flat RCC roof using structures. 3 inverters were mounted, so that students could work and learn from them. The inverters were connected to the grid.

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