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Best Solar EPC Contractors In India

Best solar EPC contractors in India by the solar man provides complete solar EPC solutions. Our team consists of highly skilled internationally certified solar engineers. India is one of the densely populated countries with highly incident which is an ideal combination for use of solar power. India has already harnessed wind as a source of power generation to great extent. Best solar EPC contractors in India is one of the best renewable sources of energy to be harnessed, the technology associated with it should be of top most quality to make it worth for use. Our expert team has developed solar products for best solar EPC contractors in India with extensive research on solar.


Why Solar?


The sun is an inexhaustible source of light and energy for our planet. Just one hour of its abundant energy is enough to power the planet's entire electricity needs for an entire year! The technology to harness the sun's energy is already here. Best solar EPC contractors in India is to develop solar power in India which is a fast-growing industry. As of 31 January 2017, the country's solar grid had a cumulative capacity of 9.24 gigawatts (gw) (source). With the average lifespan of solar panels being around 25 years, the real question for best solar EPC contractors in India should be: "why not solar?"


Solar System Installation Company In Karnataka


Solar system installation company in Karnataka is carried out by the solar man India. The solar man which is a family run business with over 10 years’ experience. Owned by award-winning research and development company  (renewable energy solutions Australia). We are dedicated to ensuring that solar system installation company in Karnataka and your system are tailored to suit your specific needs and optimized to secure the greatest return on investment. Organise an onsite appointment for solar system installation company in Karnataka with one of our experts now.


Awards and Recognition

  • Owned and operated by multi-award-winning renewable energy leader RESA
  • Qld premiers sustainability award winner – 2012
  • Australian clean technologies finalist – 2011, 2013
  • Innovation in renewable technology finalist – 2015


Solar Engineering


Engineers at the solar man India one of the best solar system installation company in Karnataka company with extensive experience not only in India but also in international market.


Solar Projects


Our every project is designed as per solar standards and meet all required accreditation as per international standards.


On-Grid and Off-Grid Solutions


The solar man India expertise in providing both on-grid and off-grid solutions for solar projects. Contact the solar man India for best solar system installation company in Karnataka and for the solution on solar projects.

Our strong engineering team can provide you with practical working solutions for your needs relevant to solar.


Solar EPC Installers In  India


Solar EPC installers in India at best rate for solar installation for commercial, residential or industrial set up.

Here are some of the reasons why you should go solar

  • Hikes up real estate value
  • Sells faster
  • Self-sustainability of building
  • Brings energy independence
  • Demonstrates environmental consciousness


List of Major EPC Contractors In India

  1. The Solar Man India  
  2. Punj Llyod Delta Renewable Pvt. Ltd
  3. ABB Ltd                 
  4. Siemens Limited                            
  5. Emmvee Solar 
  6. L&T ECC   
  7. Harsha Abakus Solar                  
  8. ArrayTech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  
  9. Schneider Electrical        
  10. First Solar                         
  11. Moser baer India Ltd.    
  12. Sterling & Wilson Ltd.    


The commercial establishment is benefitted by solar by reducing electricity bill. Businesses usually pay a higher rate to electricity companies so going solar will be a good financial decision by installing solar panels through a best solar epc installers in India.

Big institutions, schools, college or any organization with daytime operating hours, can immensely benefit from grid-tie installation as they will be paying nothing to the electricity company by contacting solar EPC installers in India. As they can operate effectively by using solar electricity during daytime.


Before best solar EPC company in India for your home, office, school or industry you must analyze solar EPC installers in India and few important things:

A) Which solar system is beneficial, on-grid, off-grid or hybrid?

B) What is your electricity uses and load?

C) Space availability, structural designing, and direction for the solar system at a site?

D) Is any subsidy available, how to opt for net metering?


Speak to us and reduce your electricity bill by going solar and be environmentally friendly.

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